A Handbook that Motivates.

Employee handbooks, policies, and procedures can be a bureaucratic mess. With Kaplan HR, however, you can turn these pieces of critical information into sources of motivation and cultural cohesion.

We coordinate with your legal advisors to develop policies and procedures (or update existing ones) that transcend legal jargon and codified restrictions. This is also a vital gateway to engage your employees and provide them with all the important information they need.

Ultimately, we use these opportunities to help define your corporate ethos and clearly articulate what it means to thrive in your work environment.

Reach out to us today and discover how your policies and procedures can become a powerful HR strategy.

Our policies & procedures services include:

  • Development of new employee handbooks
  • Review of current policies & procedures
  • Updates to existing handbooks
  • Information sessions to familiarize employees with policies & procedures
  • Implementation of policy changes