Get Proper Guidance, Stay Out of Trouble.

Government regulations for HR issues can be overwhelming. And while navigating this maze of rules and policies poses significant distractions to your day-to-day business, it is absolutely critical to a proper HR strategy. Otherwise, you could open yourself to exorbitantly costly liabilities.

Kaplan HR understands the regulatory HR landscape in-depth. As we ensure your compliance with the appropriate rules, you lower your risk and protect the long-term health of your business.

To gain more confidence in your compliance strategies and protect your business, call or email us today.

Our compliance services include:

  • Implementation of compliance strategies for:
    • Personnel files
    • Hiring
    • Workforce reductions & layoffs
    • HR manuals & policies
    • Employee classifications
    • Benefits
  • Coordination with your legal advisors
  • Creation of compliance documents & documentation procedures