Customized Packages for Every Business.

Kaplan HR tailors HR programs to meet your specific needs. No cookie cutter solutions or template fixes – instead, you get customized HR solutions that perfectly complement your unique organization, HR goals, and budget constraints. And, we keep strategizing with you throughout our relationship so that the HR services are appropriate for what you need and want.

Service Option 1

Human Resources Project Management and Administration
This option is great if you have single or immediate projects that you cannot handle in-house. Examples include:

  • Hiring an employee
  • Creating a performance evaluation
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Training managers on employee communications
  • Managing open enrollment for health insurance and other benefits
  • Developing new hire orientation programs

We work with your existing team to help you define the desired outcomes and deadlines; then, we get the job done. After the project is complete, you call us when you need help again. Fees for this service option are on a per-project basis.

Service Option 2

Human Resources Department Outsourcing

In this option, Kaplan HR becomes your de-facto HR department. We manage all your HR functions on an on-going basis, including special projects and regular on-site office hours.

As you decide the schedule and how many hours of service you want per week, budgets are controlled and you have a clear understanding of goals and expenses. And beyond on-site and scheduled time, we’re always fully accessible by phone and e-mail for all your questions.

Service Option 3

Human Resources Department Retainer

This option works well for businesses that want to maintain some HR autonomy. With the monthly retainer, you get full access to our expertise and HR services while not requiring our on-site presence.

Service Option 4

Human Resources Interim Management

An ideal temporary resource for unexpected, overflow, or seasonal HR workload, as well as an expert interim HR Department leader to fill in for HR management for an extended period of time, e.g., Leave of Absence.

Our HR consulting and oursourcing services include: